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Tree of Life

Paris Boyd Pegues (1898-1927)

Paris Boyd Pegues was the youngest child (of nine) of Isaiah Pegues and Fannie (Ivy) Pegues in Lafayette County, Mississippi, United States.

Paris married Flossie Avant (~1902-1979) around 1919 (based on their eldest child’s birth year). Their daughter Willie Vance Pegues was born January 16th, 1920.… Read more “Paris Boyd Pegues (1898-1927)”

Tree of Life

What is the USBH Project and why should you care?

USBH stands for United States Black Heritage, a project on WikiTree. Its objectives are:

  • To collect in one place information and resources to assist in building and documenting African-American Genealogies.
  • To create the largest online public database of connected African-American families.
Read more “What is the USBH Project and why should you care?”
Photo by Sgarton at Morguefile.com

The Enslaved of Reuben Strozier of Meriwether County, Georgia

Before I became interested in genealogy my cousin told me that she’d researched our family. She said she’d discovered the plantation where some of our ancestors had been enslaved. My maternal grandmother’s birth surname was Strozier and that is not a common name in the US.… Read more “The Enslaved of Reuben Strozier of Meriwether County, Georgia”

Photo by Sgarton at Morguefile.com

US Slave Narrative: John Henry Logan

As part of my training to become a member of the United States Black Heritage (USBH) Project on WikiTree I worked on a slave narrative that was created from a 1938 interview with someone from the United States Work Projects Administration (Federal Writers’ Project).… Read more “US Slave Narrative: John Henry Logan”

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