Resources for genealogical and DNA research.

  • Georgia Genealogy Resources

    Georgia Genealogy Resources

    I have a special interest in Georgia genealogy because my maternal grandmother was born in Georgia and, so far, her branch is the one I’ve been able to trace the farthest on my maternal side. Free

  • WikiTree Tools

    WikiTree Tools

    I use several different tools when working on WikiTree profiles. Most are web browser extensions. I mainly use Chrome for working on WikiTree, but that’s primarily because I use Firefox for regular browsing and I’m a tab hoarder. Most of the below extensions are available for both Chrome and Firefox (and many Chrome plugins can […]

  • Special Interest Genealogy Resources

    Special Interest Genealogy Resources

    These are resources for genealogy research with a specific focus.

  • Black Genealogy Resources

    Black Genealogy Resources

    Resources that may be helpful for people interested in Black genealogy.

  • General Genealogy Resources

    General Genealogy Resources

    This is a list of general genealogical and DNA resources that I think others might find useful. Most of them have an international focus, but there are few US-specific ones.

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