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4th and 5th great-grandparent possibilities (update)

Ancestry updated my ThruLines again, but decided to use different tree sources for the incorrect suggestions in it (the names and photos are different but they’re the same people as before). Rachel Flood Logan is new, but she’s set in someone’s tree as the mother of Andrew Logan (who is the father of my 2nd-great-grandfather Henry Logan’s enslaver Tyler Logan), so she’s not a match, either.… Read more “4th and 5th great-grandparent possibilities (update)”

The search for Henry Logan’s family

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My paternal 2nd-great-grandfather Henry Logan (1837 – ~1920) was born into slavery in Mississippi. Two out of four of the US Census records I’ve found for him say that his parents were born in South Carolina (the 1870 Census doesn’t have columns for the birthplaces of parents unless they were born outside the US and the 1900 Census says they’re from Mississippi).… Read more “The search for Henry Logan’s family”

Tree of Life

The time I actually was connected to the global family tree

This story starts with the Pegues family. I’ve been working on adding the ancestors, descendants, and extended family of Paris Boyd Pegues to WikiTree ever since I ran across him while researching the descendants of a half great-granduncle of mine. I wrote about what I’d been able to glean about his life (and the lives of his wife and children) from records in “Paris Boyd Pegues (1898-1927)“.… Read more “The time I actually was connected to the global family tree”

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