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How to find or confirm a last name at birth

A last name at birth (or LNAB) is the surname given to a child when they’re born and the culture you’re born into usually determines the name. In the US, England, and many places formerly colonized by England, your LNAB is usually your father’s surname even if your parents were not married at the time of your birth.… Read more “How to find or confirm a last name at birth”

The search for Henry Logan’s family

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My paternal 2nd-great-grandfather Henry Logan (1837 – ~1920) was born into slavery in Mississippi. Two out of four of the US Census records I’ve found for him say that his parents were born in South Carolina (the 1870 Census doesn’t have columns for the birthplaces of parents unless they were born outside the US and the 1900 Census says they’re from Mississippi).… Read more “The search for Henry Logan’s family”

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The Enslaved of Reuben Strozier of Meriwether County, Georgia

Before I became interested in genealogy my cousin told me that she’d researched our family. She said she’d discovered the plantation where some of our ancestors had been enslaved. My maternal grandmother’s birth surname was Strozier and that is not a common name in the US.… Read more “The Enslaved of Reuben Strozier of Meriwether County, Georgia”

Breaking through a brick wall 2

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After I was finally able to find the parents of my paternal grandmother’s mother (Fannie Dennis), I quickly hit another brick wall in that line at her mother. According to the earliest record I could find for her mother Mariah (Herod) Dennis (an 1880 US Census record after she was already married), she was born about 1860, which means that she should show up in the 1870 census with her parents.… Read more “Breaking through a brick wall 2”

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