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Paris Boyd Pegues (1898-1927)

Paris Boyd Pegues was the youngest child (of nine) of Isaiah Pegues and Fannie (Ivy) Pegues in Lafayette County, Mississippi, United States.

Paris married Flossie Avant (~1902-1979) around 1919 (based on their eldest child’s birth year). Their daughter Willie Vance Pegues was born January 16th, 1920.

Paris and his family moved to Memphis, Tennessee around 1921. He became a railroad worker. Their second child, Warren Glen Pegues, was born on March 20th, 1923. A third child, James Pegues, was born May 1925, but he sadly died of Tuberculosis eight months later after a three week illness.

Paris himself also died of Tuberculosis (which caused Bronchitis) on December 20th, 1927. Both his death record and his son’s state that they contracted Tuberculosis at their home, which may have been an apartment building because aggregate living situations can lead to increased disease transmission and the area is an apartment complex in 2022.

Flossie moved back to Mississippi with the children after Paris died. She married McEwan Farmer (my half 1st cousin 2x removed) sometime between 1927 and 1930. By 1937 she had separated from him judging by the fact that she was recorded as Flossie Pegues in her children’s 1937 school records. Flossie later moved to Chicago after Willie and Warren did and married a man named Wilbur Irving sometime between 1940 and 1950 who she remained with until her death on November 20th, 1979.

Willie and Warren both married. They both migrated back to Memphis, Tennessee after their mother left McEwan and later to Chicago where they lived out the remainder of their lives. I’m not sure if either had any children.

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